Dental Aesthetics

The aesthetics and functionality of each person’s teeth depend on their physical appearance, a smile defines and characterizes each person, but its harmony can be affected by the imbalance of hard tissues, bones, and gums, which is why the design of smile is a fundamental piece after the execution of any dental treatment.

To carry out a smile design, it is necessary to carry out precise and complete diagnoses that define each patient’s exact initial conditions, where the natural features of the face, position, shape, size, and color of the teeth are taken into account. The treatment is carried out. Therefore, the results depend on the initial characteristics since it may be enough to perform a whitening or accompany it with resins, orthodontics, or even dental implants to obtain incredible results.

Smile design in resin

It is the most common smile design procedure; it is a simple, fast model that generates minimal discomfort for patients. It is ideal for smiles that do not require much change but may require modifications in the teeth’ alignment, superficial stains, and small variations in size.

For this case, some of the following treatments are performed:

  • Gum trimming, unifying the size of the teeth.
  • Teeth whitening
  • Resin design
  • Prophylaxis and dental cleaning
  • Micro-polishing of tooth edges
  • Enamel micro-abrasion to remove surface stains

Porcelain smile design

Dental veneers are a great alternative to create the smile you have always wanted; veneers are fragile pieces of porcelain in a unique way placed on the front of the teeth.
Veneers do not require a significant amount of tooth removal. Usually, only minimal tooth grinding is needed. This is important as it reduces the chance of irreversibly damaging your teeth.

With this system, results can be obtained in 1 week.

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