Dental implants

The dental implant is a medical device designed to replace the missing root and keep the artificial tooth in place. It usually has a threaded shape and is made of biocompatible materials that do not produce a rejection reaction and allow it to be attached to the bone. The implant surface can present different textures and coatings, commonly used to increase its adhesion to the bone (osseointegration if it is made of titanium and bio integration if it is a ceramic material).

When replacing lost teeth through implants, a higher amount of alveolar bone is conserved since it is reabsorbed when it does not receive any stimulus.

Are there, contraindications?

There are very few; among them, we can highlight diseases that affect bone metabolism, specific infections, malignant tumors, or patients exposed to large doses of radiotherapy. It is essential to note that there is very little probability that implants cause rejection in the body. This could only happen if osseointegration failed. That is why they must be performed with a trained specialist with the necessary experience to achieve the best results.

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