It consists of the total removal of the dental pulp. It is applied to fractured teeth with deep cavities that present lesions in their pulp tissue known as pulpitis. This is irreversible, and the only therapeutic option is the total removal of the dental pulp, and the three-dimensional filling of the dental canal. Pulpitis is frequently caused by deep dental cavities that reach the dental pulp and cause infection in it, causing continuous and permanent pain that increases with cold and hot stimuli, sweet or acidic foods.

Endodontics will not always be indicated in teeth with necrotic pulp or irreversible lesions. The extraction of the tooth may be chosen when it is impossible to restore it. There has been significant dental resorption are perforations of the dental roots, vertical fractures, or severe periodontal disease. Also, teeth without aesthetic or functional value, for example, in wisdom teeth without an antagonist with which it can occlude to chew or in other circumstances.

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