Teeth whitening

In cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is an aesthetic dental treatment that reduces the original color of the teeth by several shades, leaving the teeth whiter and brighter.

Teeth whitening can be done in the office or at home, although the same treatments cannot be purchased. However, some dentists warn about possible damage to teeth if used in high concentrations without the prescription or follow-up of a dentist.

Teeth whitening removes most of the stains produced by extrinsic causes such as tea, coffee, and other herbal teas, cigarettes, and red wine, among other substances and foods. However, not all dental stains or darkenings are removable or improvable through teeth whitening. They may require different types of cosmetic dental treatments, such as porcelain veneers or crowns.

Whitening has no effect on any restorations, these being: amalgams, restorations made with halogen light (resins or white fillings), inlays and crowns, or bridges. If the patient presents this type of repair in the anterior sector, above all, the whitening is performed, and after that, the restorations that have not changed their color are replaced. To replace these restorations, it is necessary to wait approximately 15 days for the color obtained with the bleaching to stabilize.

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